How to get Garageband for PC ?

Everyone would be happier to install and use Garageband for Windows PC after knowing all its characteristics. So, how to get Garageband for PC? To know “how“, we will enter directly into process how to download Garageband for Windows.

Steps to download Garageband for Windows PC:

This application is not available for everyone. This is available for those who are using Mac computers. Therefore, we have added a procedure here to install Garageband on windows. Learn how to download Garageband for PC here:

There are 2 ways to get the application installed on your computer. One of them is to download an unofficial version of GarageBand for Windows and the other is the use of an emulator for iOS devices.

First Step:

If you have a computer that is running Windows 7, 8 or 8.1 Touch then you can download GarageBand for Windows PC using the link below: . You will be taken to a site called RareSoftware where the music application Windows version is available.

Note: This is not the official version of the application, but it still works to create music on your computer. So before you download, you need to know that you are downloading an unofficial version.

Second Step

The second step to download the application is to use an emulator for iOS on your Windows computer and after using it, you can download and use the application of musical creation.

The use of iPadian

The first thing to do is download iPadian 2, an emulator for iOS on your computer and install it. The user interface is very simple so you can use it easily.

Once installed, open the emulator and your desktop will transform to resemble a Mac look.

You will see a search box where you have to enter “GarageBand” and search for the application. If you cannot see the search box, and then go to the App Store to find the application. Once the download is complete install it on iPadian. You will see it on the iPadian homepage if it installs correctly. You will see the software home page just like the iPhone homepage or the iPad.

After downloading and installation of the application in the emulator for iOS

Once installed, you will be able to start to use the application with the release from the drawer of applications.

Note: remember, to install Garageband on your PC using iPadian, launch the iPadian iOS emulator software on your computer. The above step may or may not work depending on the configuration of your PC or emulator. So if it does not work then we recommend that you use the first step. However, the downloading of Garageband for Windows 7, 8, 10 and on almost every platform Garageband works very easily. You don’t have to worry about your system configuration. So, you have a new windows operating system that is windows 10, so you can also get Garageband for windows.

That’s all the steps you should follow to get the GarageBand application for PC using an iOS emulator and then you can start creating music with it.

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