How to Set-up a GarageBand New Project

Apple has been providing varieties of applications, software, and gadgets to accommodate people in all walks of life. Now, Apple gives every music producer, wannabe producer, and music enthusiast GarageBand.

What is GarageBand?

GarageBand app is a virtual audio studio that allows any user to edit, make, and produce music using his or her own iPhone, iPad, and MacBook. GarageBand has a wide range of instruments and effects that the user may choose from and use at the same time. Aside from pre-installed instruments, live instruments, or the non-virtual ones can also be attached to this application, just look for many GarageBand tutorials available in the internet.

Why GarageBand?

GarageBand is a very well-rounded application that anybody can use it. From teenagers who would just like to impress to amateur musicians who would like to produce demos to professional music producers who are looking for the best effects for the songs they are producing, GarageBand is very accommodating. One would not even believe that the background beat to Rihanna’s 2007 single, “Umbrella”, is a product of GarageBand app.

Even with over a thousand musical instruments at the user’s disposal, GarageBand is still very easy to use. It has a user-friendly interface that exploring it will not be a problem. It also very portable that you can use it with your iPhone, iPad, or MacBook anytime and anywhere.

How to Set-up a GarageBand New Project

After getting a GarageBand download in one’s Apple gadgets, starting a project would probably be the next thing that the user would do. Once GarageBand is opened, one of the following screens would greet the user.

(The screen to the above shows what GarageBand app would look like once it is opened using a MacBook.)


(The image on the right shows how GarageBand looks like on iPad, while the image left shows how GarageBand would look like on an iPhone.)

In the “New Project” tab, the user is given choices of various project type selections. In this selection, the user chooses whichever is best for his or her project. For example, if the user would like to write a song then the “Songwriting” tab would be the best to use. However, if the user is still not sure of what to do and is simply exploring, the “Empty Song”.

In the “Empty Song” tab, the user would be asked the type of track that the user would like to record in. The following screen would come out once the “Empty Song” tab was chosen.

From the choices found one the screen, the user can choose what type of sounds or instruments he or she would like to play with first and from there, build up other sounds so that they can play along with the song that the user is creating.

So those are a few things to know about GarageBand. Once the user gets acquainted with the different functions of GarageBand it will be very easy to produce music for whatever purpose that music is. For more GarageBand tutorials just search for them on GarageBand online.


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