Real Insruments in a Virtual Studio

GarageBand is an application that allows you to have an easy access to a multitude of instruments with just a tap of a button! You can record songs, compose songs, and play with different instruments all at the same time wherever you are, whenerever you want. You can use GarageBand app with your MacBook, iPad, or even iPhone. 

GarageBand download is so easy to do and since GarageBand has an interface that is very easy to understand and with GarageBand tutorials available, it is very user friendly. To help you  understand the multitude of instruments in GarageBand, here is a snippet. 


Upon launching GarageBand app in your iPhone or iPad, it would show you its splash screen. It will show you a window of several options. From instruments such as electric guitars, grand piano, and acoustic instruments, to loops, voice recordings, and available podcasts in your gadget, the GarageBand launch window has it. So, just tap on one and just click on the “Choose” button found on the lower right hand corner of your screen. After that, it will show you a “New Project form” window. Just fill up what it needs like the title of your track, the tempo of your song, time signature, key, and speed of your track. After completing that, just click on the “Create” button. 


After completing your start up, GarageBand would show you a window with software instruments found on the right part of your screen and the active instrument on the left and the instrument at the center of the window. Using your iPhone or iPad is easy since GarageBand app allows many keys to be pressed at once, so no hassle there! You can start using the grand piano or another instrument in order for you to fully discover what sound you would like to be together. With that, you can loop the sound that you mae and then you can blend it with other instrument loops. You can extend the loops or shorten them.

Instrument Set-Up 

In some cases, having a virtual instrument window is a little tedious and, more often than not, less exciting. So, to address this, you can actually plug in actual instruments to your Mac and iPad. For the keyboard and grand piano, a MIDI (Musical Instrument Digital Interface) would do. Just plug in the MIDI using a special plug or the Apple iPad Camera Connection Kit. This allows you to have a USB port that is compatible with your MIDI connector. Aside from the keyboard or grand piano, the MIDI can also be used as a drumkit, depending upon the instrument that you have chosen. 

To connect your guitar, you can use other cables that are compatible to your iPad. After that, just launch GarageBand and the application will immediately detect your instrument. For some, you mightnot be able to hear anything once you started to strum. Don’t worry. It’s just a default setting of GarageBand app that it will set everything into mute. Just tap on the guitar plug icon from your screen and then just switch the Monitor setting to on. You can then add pedal effects to your guitar as you play along GarageBand app. 

With these simple GarageBand tutorials, now you are ready to jump start your music exploration! 

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