Start-Up to Impress

Picture this: You’re sitting on a park bench, practicing. With sweaty, callous hands, you are practicing a song you just composed for that special someone. It all sounds very romantic and you seem to be very dedicated. But wait! There’s a problem, it might take you a long time before that special someone can hear what you have. Others might take your spot while you do your best perfecting every chord of that song. It’s tedious and time consuming, but it’s all worth it! But does that special someone know that? Is that person aware that you have been dedicating time just as so you could impress her or him while Johnny or Jane takes that time already impressing him or her with a smile?

With Apple’s GarageBand app, you can now steal away that time that you consume and just go straight into recording your song! GarageBand is very user friendly with a lot of musical instruments to choose from. Instead of just a guitar to back up your song, you can have percussions, a grand piano, or even an entire symphony! If you think that Garageband app is just like any other music apps out there, then think again. You can have GarageBand download on your iPhone or iPad! So, you can brnig it anytime, anywhere! There are even available GarageBand tutorials found in GarageBand online to help you with your composing needs.

For beginners, here are a few things that you might want to learn as you start your musical journey.

Importing an Audio File 

For example, you already have a song you have been working on, say that song you were composing while you were sitting on that park bench, and you would like to improve it. You can simply drag the file into the GarageBand interface and then drop it there. Drag-and-Drop. It’s so easy! But a little precaution there. Take note that since you are using your iPhone or iPad, make sure that your file is Apple compatible format. These file formats are FLAC, MP3, or AAC.

Adding Effects

After you have placed your crude song, maybe you would also like to improve it by adding effects on your guitar track. With that, just open your Guitar Track and then tap on “Track Info” and then hit on “Edit”. It would then lead you to your Guitar Amp window and by tapping on the dropdown menu, a list of effects are provided. Just choose what you think is the best for your song.

With those starters GarageBand turorials, it would certainly jumpstart you with your song composition. Now, instead of whiling away in that park bench with your sweaty, and callous fingers, you can simply walk around the park while you finish your song without any bulky object intervening your walk! With GarageBand app, it is now very easy to impress Johnny or Jane or whoever you would like to impress, and it is just a few taps away with your iPhone or iPad. The symphony is now just at the touch of your fingers.

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