Steps to optimize the use of Garageband

The program has a very high versatility and although initially they were intended to create music with it (hence its video lessons taught by great artists of the likes of Sting). It is used by many creators of Podcast which allows them to record several tracks separately to mix them in a fast and easy way.

How to use GarageBand on the iPhone? What does the GarageBand application? What is the GarageBand application on the iPhone? Is Garage Band free on the iPad?

Knowing the answer of these answers is to know the steps to optimize the use of Garageband. Below are some steps to understand better how to use the app.

  • Developing instruments loops by software on real loops

    . GarageBand has lots of audio effects that are created via software, if we transform them into a real audio waveform, we will get that these are lighter for the CPU to the time of processing them during the reproduction. To make it just to drag it from the viewer of loops do with button “command” hold, Garageband will transform it into an audio waveform.

  • Blocking the tracks that are definitive

    . Any track, while we’re working with Garageband, as a general rule will occupy a space in RAM and will load the CPU working. Once we have clear how will go this track, and do not have intended to modify it, it’s better to block it. We must not forget to make a reproduction once the track is locked, since it is at this time when Garageband pass it to the hard drive, freeing RAM memory.

  • Start from an already created project

    . This perhaps may not be producer according to the type of composition that you go to face; the perfect case for this could be the Podcast. Opening a project already created, it is likely that already have everything configured to your liking to start recording. You only need to clean tracks and everything will be ready to start.

  • Save your settings of instruments

    . If you are recording real instruments adding effects, do not forget to save these settings (the option appears to have enabled the display of information by pressing the letter “I” that is located in the lower right corner). Keeping it and assigning it a name you can use it in the future, for a different composition and save time looking for the sound you want.

GarageBand for iOS is free for all on the App Store thanks to its freemium version. GarageBand turns your iPhone into a magnificent tool to unleash your musical creativity wherever you are.

Enjoy a wide variety of instruments which will make you sound like a professional, even if you’ve never played any before, or plug in your electric guitar and record your skills.

GarageBand is very versatile and will allow you to play dozens of instruments of all kinds, recreate sounds of legendary guitars, record your voice or use samplers that later you can use. It contains a number of effects and controls to which you will have the feeling of being in a real Recording Studio. Here we leave you a video on 7 easy steps to optimize the use of Garageband (Beginners).


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