Starting with GarageBand

Apple has given the world a lot of new, and convenient applications, and gadgets throughout the years. From better photographs to share to the world to high functioning applications for every day work and leisure, Apple has made sure to accommodate every person in all walks of life in whatever their needs are. Now, with a goal to make more activities reachable and accessible, Apple brings you GarageBand.

GarageBand is an application that both professional and starting musicians may use. Even with a lot of available instruments at your disposal, for your discover, and for you

to study, GarageBand app has an easy interface with a lot of options with just a click of your fingertips. Aside from a vast array of accessible instruments, GarageBand download allows the you to record, and play music, and instruments using only your iPhone or iPad. Because of that, composing songs using all instruments and effects you can imagine is now possible anytime, anywhere.

To give you a snipet of the capabilities of GarageBand, here is a GarageBand tutorial to give you a few heads up on how to start up with using GarageBand app in your iPhone or iPad.

After your GarageBand download, upon launching the application, you will find a project demo already placed in your iPad or iPhone application slate. This demo, entitled “Curtain Call – Demo”, gives you a taste of the endless possiblities of GarageBand app. With this demo alone, you can already note a few things that you can do with GarageBand app.

To start your own song, first navigate and tap the plus (+) sign on the top left corner of your screen. A pop-up menu window would come out and then select “New Song”. An array of instruments would come out next. Choose an instrument that you would like to start with by swiping over your screen. In the instrument view that would come out, after you have chosen an instrument, you can adjust the instrument settings based on your need and want. In some cases, you can also create chords using “create custom chords”. In the “Song Setting” tab—the icon that looks like a wrench— the application would allow you to set up the parameters of your song such as metronome, key, tempo, time signature, and count-in. 

The application would also let you section your songs so that it is easier to copy, paste, and navigate around your song. Just click on the song section tab located on the upper right end of the ruler-like slate. This tab is also a plus (+) sign. Each section would be named with a letter for your convenience, and, by default, each section has a repeating section of eight (8) bars. If you want to lengthen each section of your song, you can do so by clicking on the song section button and then tap on the letter or section that you would like to lengthen. After that, just turn off the automatic mode and then indicate on the manual section how long you would like that section to be by tapping on the arrow up or down next to the window. 

With these start up GarageBand tutorial, you can now set up your app and start exploring on the other capabilities of GarageBand.