How to create music using Garageband features?

  1. Open GarageBand and select “File > New” in the upper left corner. Create the name of your new song and adjust the time and the key that you want to make your song.



  2. Once the screen is finished loading for your new song, select the symbol of “+” in the lower right corner of the screen. This will create your new track.

Note: you can also do this by selecting “Track > New Track” in the top menu.



  1. Choose whether you want to use “Software Instrument”, “Real Instrument” or “Electric Guitar”.

A- “Software Instrument” lets you record using instruments already mounted in GarageBand using the keys on your computer, or connected via MIDI or USB keyboard.



B-‘’Real Instrument” allows you to record voice or instruments using the microphone on your computer.



C-”Electric Guitar” allows you to edit recordings of electric guitar with amplifier fitted on GarageBand, with delay and sustain settings.





Add tracks in the Software Tools

Select “Software Instrument“. The default instrument is “Grand Piano”, but also counts with a wide variety of instruments for your preference. When you add a new track, a full menu of these will be available in a menu on the right side of the screen.

Press the “I” icon in the lower right corner to bring the menu to the front or minimize it.

Bring the keyboard to the front. You can play music with any instrument that you like using the keyboard on the screen available in GarageBand. To make the keyboard visible, select “Window > Keyboard” or press “Command+K”. Just click the keys on the keyboard with your mouse to play music.



You can also use the “Musical Typing” option, which allows you to play music with the keyboard of your computer instead of the mouse. For this option, select “Window > Musical Typing” or press “Shift+Command+K”. Also, you can enter this mode from the “Keyboard” mode by pressing the “A” icon in the upper-left corner of the keyboard.

In both modes, the part of the miniature keyboard in blue is the eighth in which you are. You can adjust the eighth by pressing anywhere different miniature keyboard.



Record a track. To start recording, click the round red button at the bottom of the screen, in the same way, that recording with a “Software Instrument.” When you click on “Record”, that “Real Instrument” track bar will turn red and will expand to the right until you press again the “Record” button again. When you stop recording, the bar for that track will be purple.



When you record with the microphone on your computer, make sure that you’re singing and touch in a clear manner and close to your computer. Try to eliminate the noise out as much as you can.

Look for the loop that you want to use. The “Loop Browser” allows you to filter loops depending on its characteristics, such as scale, instrument, mood, genre, and tone. You can also filter several properties simultaneously; for example, you can search loops that are “Jazz”, “Piano”, and “Grooving”. Once you’ve activated your preferred filters, you’ll see a list of available loops. You can listen to any of the loops you want with only giving double clicks on the name. You will also see information about the tempo, key, and duration of the loops and have the option of adding to your list of favorites.

Below, a link that can help you Mastering with Garageband 10 Tip & Tricks.

Steps to optimize the use of Garageband

The program has a very high versatility and although initially they were intended to create music with it (hence its video lessons taught by great artists of the likes of Sting). It is used by many creators of Podcast which allows them to record several tracks separately to mix them in a fast and easy way.

How to use GarageBand on the iPhone? What does the GarageBand application? What is the GarageBand application on the iPhone? Is Garage Band free on the iPad?

Knowing the answer of these answers is to know the steps to optimize the use of Garageband. Below are some steps to understand better how to use the app.

  • Developing instruments loops by software on real loops

    . GarageBand has lots of audio effects that are created via software, if we transform them into a real audio waveform, we will get that these are lighter for the CPU to the time of processing them during the reproduction. To make it just to drag it from the viewer of loops do with button “command” hold, Garageband will transform it into an audio waveform.

  • Blocking the tracks that are definitive

    . Any track, while we’re working with Garageband, as a general rule will occupy a space in RAM and will load the CPU working. Once we have clear how will go this track, and do not have intended to modify it, it’s better to block it. We must not forget to make a reproduction once the track is locked, since it is at this time when Garageband pass it to the hard drive, freeing RAM memory.

  • Start from an already created project

    . This perhaps may not be producer according to the type of composition that you go to face; the perfect case for this could be the Podcast. Opening a project already created, it is likely that already have everything configured to your liking to start recording. You only need to clean tracks and everything will be ready to start.

  • Save your settings of instruments

    . If you are recording real instruments adding effects, do not forget to save these settings (the option appears to have enabled the display of information by pressing the letter “I” that is located in the lower right corner). Keeping it and assigning it a name you can use it in the future, for a different composition and save time looking for the sound you want.

GarageBand for iOS is free for all on the App Store thanks to its freemium version. GarageBand turns your iPhone into a magnificent tool to unleash your musical creativity wherever you are.

Enjoy a wide variety of instruments which will make you sound like a professional, even if you’ve never played any before, or plug in your electric guitar and record your skills.

GarageBand is very versatile and will allow you to play dozens of instruments of all kinds, recreate sounds of legendary guitars, record your voice or use samplers that later you can use. It contains a number of effects and controls to which you will have the feeling of being in a real Recording Studio. Here we leave you a video on 7 easy steps to optimize the use of Garageband (Beginners).


How to get Garageband for PC ?

Everyone would be happier to install and use Garageband for Windows PC after knowing all its characteristics. So, how to get Garageband for PC? To know “how“, we will enter directly into process how to download Garageband for Windows.

Steps to download Garageband for Windows PC:

This application is not available for everyone. This is available for those who are using Mac computers. Therefore, we have added a procedure here to install Garageband on windows. Learn how to download Garageband for PC here:

There are 2 ways to get the application installed on your computer. One of them is to download an unofficial version of GarageBand for Windows and the other is the use of an emulator for iOS devices.

First Step:

If you have a computer that is running Windows 7, 8 or 8.1 Touch then you can download GarageBand for Windows PC using the link below: . You will be taken to a site called RareSoftware where the music application Windows version is available.

Note: This is not the official version of the application, but it still works to create music on your computer. So before you download, you need to know that you are downloading an unofficial version.

Second Step

The second step to download the application is to use an emulator for iOS on your Windows computer and after using it, you can download and use the application of musical creation.

The use of iPadian

The first thing to do is download iPadian 2, an emulator for iOS on your computer and install it. The user interface is very simple so you can use it easily.

Once installed, open the emulator and your desktop will transform to resemble a Mac look.

You will see a search box where you have to enter “GarageBand” and search for the application. If you cannot see the search box, and then go to the App Store to find the application. Once the download is complete install it on iPadian. You will see it on the iPadian homepage if it installs correctly. You will see the software home page just like the iPhone homepage or the iPad.

After downloading and installation of the application in the emulator for iOS

Once installed, you will be able to start to use the application with the release from the drawer of applications.

Note: remember, to install Garageband on your PC using iPadian, launch the iPadian iOS emulator software on your computer. The above step may or may not work depending on the configuration of your PC or emulator. So if it does not work then we recommend that you use the first step. However, the downloading of Garageband for Windows 7, 8, 10 and on almost every platform Garageband works very easily. You don’t have to worry about your system configuration. So, you have a new windows operating system that is windows 10, so you can also get Garageband for windows.

That’s all the steps you should follow to get the GarageBand application for PC using an iOS emulator and then you can start creating music with it.

GarageBand Alternatives for Windows

There are some people who you would love to use the best software music creation on their computer. GarageBand is unfortunately not available for Windows. But there is an alternative for Windows users.

There are many GarageBand incredible alternatives for PC with Windows that can be downloaded and installed easily and you can begin to create music and songs of your own. The reason why GarageBand is so popular is because it comes with the best features you need to create a perfect song. Some of the famous in the music industry have been used and continue to use the application to record their successes or to create some music in their spare time. Get your Garageband for Windows here:

GarageBand best alternatives for Windows PC

1 Mixcraft 7

If you’ve ever used GarageBand so you know that one of the many reasons that make the application so popular is its huge library of loops that makes it easy to create music. Mixcraft 7 also offers a similar function in which you can choose and combine several loops together using drag and drop function.

Mixcraft 7 works in the same way like GarageBand, and its interface is also very easy to use that a novice can easily get used to it. There are many including plugins that you can use to liven up your music and add various sound effects and effects of musical instruments. On the other hand, the software can even be used to edit videos easily. This is one of the best alternatives of GarageBand.


LMMS is a workstation’s digital free open source, making music for musicians and is available for Windows, Linux and Apple OS X operating system.

The use of the simple interface: You can easily sequence, compose music, mix, and automate the songs and can be adjusted with precision chords, melodies, or patterns using the keyboard Editor.

3 Music Maker Jam

Music Maker Jam is a free music application available for Windows 8 that you can use to create tracks of your own in a simple and fast way. It offers you a variety of features needed to create the best music or a song and so on. That’s why it’s considered a great alternative to GarageBand for Windows 8.

4 FL Studio 12

FL Studio 12 comes with a completely redesigned user interface and the newest set of features to help you create the best music. The software is very popular and you can use it for free on your Windows computer and if you like it, you can upgrade to the paid version anytime you want.

5 Reaper

The last alternative to GarageBand on this list is Reaper which is another amazing music creation tool for Windows users that is free to download and is easy to upgrade whenever you feel like it. Below, there is a link that can explain you more. Please take a look at:

These were the 5 best alternatives to GarageBand for Windows computer and so, if you are a Windows user then you should choose any of them, download them and install them on your computer to start creating your own music.

The Other Uses of the GarageBand App aside from Music Recording

What I love about the GarageBand App is that it is versatile – I can use it on my Ipad, my Mac, or when I don’t have both of these gadgets, I can borrow a PC and use it there!

I have been studying college part-time for several years now. The only reason I can’t commit to my studies full time is because I need to fund it myself. I had a regular gig at a bar (which meant I had to work nights!), but there are many impromptu gigs that I would join (which meant I had to be absent from class several times). Two years of this kind of life, and I was seriously considering of just forgetting about college and just focusing on my music career.

But really, much as I love playing in front of an audience, I love playing with kids the most. I love teaching the most. I have decided to go to college because I wanted to be a teacher, and my music career was just a way towards that. But what do I do? I was stuck in a circle – if I quit music and focused on my studies, how to I pay for my needs? If I don’t quit music, then I don’t know what era I would complete my degree.

Then came the garageband app. Far off you say? I assure you, it isn’t.

You see, I have been running my own YouTube channel for years, and I have been getting good views every month. I used to just get gigs out of the channel – clients see how I play, and they get me to perform. But these past year, I have decided to focus on monetizing my channel by putting in content – a guitar tutorial, a cover of a song, and sometimes, even a garageband tutorial! Those tutorials are the most widely watched. Today, I have earned enough from my YouTube channel, that I can afford not to go on gigs.

But the truth is that garageband app is not just content for my channel – it is the power behind my channel. I use it to add music or voice to my video, and the best part is that I can do it even when I am travelling to school (thanks to my trusty iPad). In just a few minutes, for example, while waiting for my order to be served at a restaurant, I can already have a video, complete with a voice over and very soft music! All these with a single gadget!

Of course, the app can be used in many other ways. I know my friends in my former band couldn’t find another guitarist, and so, had to resort to using the garageband app for feeds of my guitar audio tracks. I also used the app one time to edit an interview (clean up voice audio, cut recordings, add soft background music in some parts) I was required to submit for a class. A classmate actually made a short using garageband for all the sound elements of the video!

Its true, Garageband is used mainly by musicians, but the truth is that it can be used many number of ways. It can be used to make class projects more dynamic. In my case, I use it to fund my future.